'Spring Forward' Poses Serious Health RisksIt's only one hour less of sleep, but health experts say Sunday's daylight saving time can have serious side effects for many Americans.
Set Clocks to Fall Back With End Of Daylight Saving TimeMost Americans will get an extra hour of shuteye on Sunday with the end of Daylight Saving Time.
Changing Seasons Can Mean a Change in MoodMillions of people will turn their clocks back an hour on Sunday, but for some the extra hour of sleep gained is not worth the hours of daylight lost.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets Daylight Saving Time WrongFord mistakenly tweeted that people should set their clocks an hour back instead of forward.
Metro Center To Close For Repairs This WeekendTrains on the Red, Orange and Blue lines will bypass Metro Center Station on Saturday and Sunday as the biggest-ever capital investment in the Metro system's history continues.
Metro Forgets To Turn Back Clocks; Strands Riders Many Metro riders were stranded in the early hours of Sunday morning after Metro failed to live up to its Daylight Saving Time commitment.

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