Paulsen: McCloughan Calling Cousins 'Not Special' A Complete 'Nothing Burger'Is Kirk Cousins special? Is he not special? Do the Redskins need a quarterback who's special?
Rooster Swears Off Making Bets, Immediately Makes Another BetHaven't you heard? Chris "Joe 'The Rooster' Russo" Russell is done making bets about the Redskins. Until literally the next time he's asked.
Danny Rouhier Doesn't Believe In GoodbyesHe might be a terrible person.
NLDS Game 4 Brings Out Danny Rouhier Nationals RantD.C. radio host loses his mind when Nats fan suggests "power of positive thinking."
2017 Kickoff Watch Party w/ Mia Khalifa106.7 The Fan's 2017 Kickoff Watch Party. Special Guest: Mia Khalifa! Hosts: Grant & Danny.
Another Striking Similarity Between Chase Roullier, Danny RouhierWhat are the odds?
The Redskins Stadium Debate Heats UpWill you bail on the Redskins if they move to Virginia?
Snider: Redskins Fans Remain No Matter Team's LocationRick Snider calls out Danny Rouhier for 'ridiculous stance' on next Redskins stadium.
Grant & Danny vs. Dusty Baker's LineupDusty Baker's lineup decisions are Grant & Danny's Everest, and they're not coming down for anybody.
Danny Rouhier's Cakes ImpressionWhat do you think of Danny Rouhier's impression of Cakes?
Danny Rouhier's Humbling Encounter at Army Navy Country ClubDanny Rouhier's awkwardly humbling encounter at Army Navy Country Club.
Kirk Cousins to Join 106.7 The Fan's 'Grant & Danny' Exclusively This FallRedskins quarterback Kirk Cousins returns to 106.7 The Fan exclusively this fall.

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