AAA: D.C.'s Speed Cameras May Be More About Money Than SafetyFive new D.C. speed cameras will begin issuing tickets instead of warnings soon.
8 New Speed Cameras Deployed in D.C.The 30-day "warning period" for eight new D.C. speed cameras begins today.
Report: D.C. Drivers Ticketed Erroneously A new report from the District of Columbia government's internal watchdog says drivers are too often considered "guilty until proven innocent" when they receive traffic or parking tickets.
D.C. Speed Camera Revenue Nose Dives After Speed Limits Increase SlightlyLast year's decision by the D.C. City Council to increase the speed limit on some major roadways is having a huge impact on speed camera tickets.
More Eyes in the Sky: 11 Speed Cameras Added in D.C. Prepare to bring those brakes to brake pads to a screeching halt with the addition of nearly a dozen new speed cameras in D.C.

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