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Democrats Deplore Republican Letter To Tehran On Nuke Talks

Senate Democrats said Tuesday that the GOP letter about nuclear talks with Iran undercuts the U.S. at the negotiating table and threatens to torpedo bipartisanship on Capitol Hill when it comes to the delicate issue of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran.


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Obama: ‘Some Members Of Congress Want To Make Common Cause With Hardliners In Iran’

Republican lawmakers warned the leaders of Iran on Monday that any nuclear deal they cut with President Barack Obama could expire the day he leaves office. The White House denounced the GOP’s latest effort to undercut the international negotiations as a “rush to war.”


The 114th Congress that convenes Tuesday will count more minorities and women than ever, although lawmakers remain overwhelmingly white and male in the Republican-controlled House and Senate. (credit: Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)

Del. Kumar Barve Says He Will Run for Congress

Del. Kumar Barve is the first Maryland lawmaker to announce he will run for Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s congressional seat.


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D.C. Council Debating Response to Congress on Pot Bill

The D.C. Council is debating how much information to provide to Congress about members and staff who worked on a bill to tax and regulate marijuana.



Dozens Of Democrats Skip Netanyahu’s Speech

About 57 Democratic Senators and Representatives boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress.


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Netanyahu: Nuclear Deal ‘Paves Iran’s Path To The Bomb’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to Congress that Israel and the United States must stand together to stop Iran.


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Congress Sends Homeland Bill To Obama Without Conditions

Vote could come as early as Tuesday, funding for the DHS is scheduled to run out at midnight Friday.



Some In GOP Say DHS Funding Lapse Not A Big Deal

Conservative House Republicans are saying it’s better to let the Homeland Security Department go unfunded for a few days if it means undoing President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.


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House GOP Agree To Push Short-Term Funding For Homeland Security

House Republicans sounded a retreat from a battle that could partially shut down the Homeland Security Department, agreeing to push short-term funding for the agency while leaving in place Obama administration immigration policies they have vowed to repeal.


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Watchdog Files Complaint Over Travel Spending By Rep. Aaron Schock

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is urging Congress to investigate claims the Illinois Republican used taxpayer and campaign funds for private travel.