End of Windows XP Support Spells Trouble for SomeMicrosoft will end support for the persistently popular Windows XP on Tuesday.
Study: Most Global Businesses Unprepared For Cyber AttacksResearchers say less than 20 percent of them say they are "fully prepared" to respond to hacking attempts.
Should You E-File Or See A Tax Specialist For Your Returns?When it comes to figuring your taxes, should you rely on software or turn to a pro?
Accusing Fraud, Federal Court Orders More Access To GOP Computers A federal court has given groups suing the state broad access to computers used by the Republican-controlled Legislature to redraw political boundaries in 2011.
Study: Majority Of File-Sharers Are Heavily MonitoredA recent study found that those who participate in illegal file-sharing are not flying under the radar, but rather are closely monitored within hours of engaging in suspect activity.
Presidential Campaigns Digging Through Online Data To Target VotersVoters who click on President Barack Obama's campaign website are likely to start seeing display ads promoting his re-election bid on their Facebook pages and other sites they visit. Voters searching Google for information about Mitt Romney may notice a 15-second ad promoting the Republican presidential hopeful the next time they watch a video online.
Computer Salesman Sentenced To 18 Months For Sales To IranComputer Salesman Sentenced To 18 Months For Sales To Iran

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