Study: One-Third Of Americans Own Guns, Highest In Areas Of 'Gun Culture'One-third of Americans own at least one gun, with the highest percentage of gun owners being white males over the age of 55, a new “gun culture” study finds.
Vying For Obama Presidential Library, Wealthy Universities Hold AdvantagePresident Barack Obama has preached economic opportunity and equal access to education as cornerstones of the legacy he wants to leave behind. But in the contest to host his presidential library, two public universities that serve needy communities fear the playing field has been tilted against them by a pair of elite, private schools with seemingly endless money
Feds: Don't Blame Global Warming For California DroughtDon't blame man-made global warming for the devastating California drought, a new federal report says.
Study: Academic, Behavior Gap Leaves Boys Further Behind Girls In US EconomyThe behavioral and academic gap between boys and girls has grown larger than divides between rich and poor, and even race, with experts saying the widening gender gap has created a “crisis” that is hurting the U.S. economy.
Study: Homophobic People Die YoungerSurvey participants who showed anti-gay views died an average of 2.5 years earlier than those who didn't.
Nobel Prize Economist: Income Inequality Has Made American Dream A 'Myth'Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz believes that the American Dream has become a myth.

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