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Obama Paints Doomsday Scenario If World Doesn’t Act On Climate Change

Submerged countries, abandoned cities and floods of refugees await the world barring urgent action on climate change, President Barack Obama warned Monday, painting a doomsday scenario as he opened a historic visit to Alaska.

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Scientists: Greenland Glacier Loses Massive Chunk Of Ice

An area of ice that could cover the Washington Metro area disappeared from a glacier in Greenland.


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Environmental Group Warns Humans Have Already Used Up 2015’s Natural Resources

The Global Footprint Network says Thursday marks the day that humans use up more natural resources than can be replenished in a year.


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Study: Glaciers Melting Faster Than Ever

Measurements dating back to the 1600s show glaciers are losing ice at a rate faster than ever seen in recorded history.


climate change

Study: Washington D.C. Is Sinking

Geological survey finds the land in and around the Chesapeake Bay is sinking as ocean levels rise.


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Expert: ‘All Coastal Cities Become Dysfunctional’ If Sea Levels Rise Several Feet

NASA’s former climate chief is warning that coastal cities could “become dysfunctional” if sea levels rise.


Arctic Sea Ice

Researchers: Arctic Sea Ice Grew By One-Third Due To Unusually Cool Summer

Researchers found that the Arctic sea ice grew by one-third thanks to an unusually cool summer in 2013.


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Study: Bumblebees Disappearing Due To Global Warming

Researchers warn bumblebees are dying because of rising global temperatures.


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Report: Climate Change Creating Global ‘Medical Emergency’

Climate change will have a “disastrous effect” on health across the world, with a global “medical emergency” being posed by the growing effects of changing climate patterns.


Pope Francis Speaking

Pope Francis: Earth Turning Into ‘Immense Pile Of Filth’

In a sweeping environmental manifesto aimed at spurring concrete action, Pope Francis called Thursday for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he described as a “structurally perverse” economic system where the rich exploit the poor, turning Earth into an “immense pile of filth.”