Ex-CIA Chief Admits Mishandling Classified InformationJustice Dept. says David Patraeus has agreed to plead guilty to showing classified information to the woman with whom he was having an affair.
AP: U.S. Weighs Criminal Charges Against David PetraeusThe former CIA Director could face charges related to the mishandling of classified information that was found in possession of his lover, source tells AP.
Bradley Manning Case Unlikely to Affect Other Leak Probes Experts say the lengthy sentence prosecutors were able to obtain against Army Pfc. Bradley Manning for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents is unlikely to have much of an effect on other leak-related prosecutions.
Retired General Under Investigation For Iranian Cyber Attack Leak The former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a covert cyber attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, according to media reports.

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