Former Md. Resident Held at Guantanamo Alleges CIA TortureA former Maryland resident imprisoned at Guantanamo was subjected to mistreatment while in CIA custody far in excess of what has previously been disclosed, including being hung from a wooden beam for three days and kept in total darkness for nearly a year, a legal organization that represents him said Wednesday.
Former CIA Officer Sentenced to 3½ Years in Iran Leaks CaseA former CIA officer has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for leaking details of a secret mission to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Former CIA Official: 'We're Going To See Another 9/11-Style Attack' If We Don't Keep Pressure On TerroristsA former top CIA official warns that we’re going to see another 9-11-style attack if the United States doesn’t keep the pressure on terrorists.
Former CIA Official May Face Long Prison Term For Leak To New York Times ReporterA former CIA officer convicted of leaking details of a secret mission to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions is making his final pitch for a lenient sentence.
Obama Administration Renews Push To Give Pentagon The Lead On Drone StrikesThe deaths of an Italian and an American in a covert CIA drone strike in Pakistan — and the rhetorical contortions required of the president when he informed the world — have breathed new urgency into a long-stalled plan to give the Pentagon primacy over targeted killing of terrorists overseas.
Ex-CIA Official: Claiming Responsibility For Muhammad Art Shooting 'Sign Of Weakness' For ISISFormer CIA deputy director Michael Morell tells CBS News he has serious doubts that ISIS was behind Sunday's attack on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas.
Former FBI Agent in Custody After Threatening CIA OfficersA former FBI agent will undergo a psychiatric evaluation after making violent threats against CIA officers at the main gate of the agency's headquarters in Virginia last week.
Ex-CIA Chief Admits Mishandling Classified InformationJustice Dept. says David Patraeus has agreed to plead guilty to showing classified information to the woman with whom he was having an affair.
Former CIA Officer Suing Agency for Wrongful TerminationA former CIA officer who operated under shadowy "non-official cover" status is suing the spy agency in federal court, claiming he was wrongly fired after a senior manager fabricated allegations of misconduct.
Ex-CIA Man Released from Prison After 2 Years in Leak CaseAn ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking a covert operative's identity has been released from prison after nearly two years, and will serve the rest of the sentence under home confinement.
CIA Reveals How Chinese Pandas Were Denied Entry Into U.S. In 50sCIA director Alan Dulles was asked to intervene in the panda ban back in 1958.
Ex-CIA Officer Convicted Of Leaking Secrets To ReporterJurors convicted 47-year-old Jeffrey Sterling of giving a New York Times reporter classified details of an operation to sabotage Iran's nuclear ambitions.