Chuck’s Journey

Chuck Carroll before and after

Humor, Shame and 80 Ways to Maintain a 250-Pound Weight Loss

We recently experienced an elevator outage at work, which got me laughing. Had this been three years, ago I would have been in a very bad way. Now, I couldn’t be happier about it. Frankly, the outage doesn’t effect me one way or the other. I never take them.


credit: Chuck Carroll

Chuck’s Journey: Lose 250 Pounds Or Die Before 30

There was a time when I didn’t think I would turn 30. It wasn’t a far stretch, given the way I was living, to say I would be dead long before then.


credit: Carroll

Chuck’s Journey: I Lost 250 Pounds And Eat More Frequently Than Ever!

A funny thing happened to me when I lost 250 pounds — call it an epiphany. I discovered my formerly morbidly obese body needs to eat frequently!


Chuck in 2007 (l) and 2012 (r) (credit: Carroll)

Chuck’s Journey: How I Lost 250 Pounds Without Going To The Gym

What if I told you I lost 250 pounds without ever setting foot in the gym? Would you believe me? You should! It’s true.


credit: Carroll family

Chuck’s Journey: How Did A 420-Pound Man Lose 250 Pounds And Keep It Off?

How does a morbidly obese, 5-foot-6, 420-pound man with a 66-inch waist lose a massive amount of weight and save his life?