Quick Fix Diets Often Lead to Long Term ObesityQuick fix diets are often like putting a band-aid on a cut that should really have stitches.
The Healthiest Fruits And VegetablesSpotlighting the healthiest fruits and vegetables and why you should be eating them.
Kombucha Craze: Wildly Popular Despite Unproven Health BenefitsKombucha's health benefits haven't been fully proven, but that hasn't stopped the fermented drink from becoming wildly popular.
Science Behind The Perfect BreakfastIs there such a thing as the perfect breakfast? Yes, according to experts. And no, you won't find it at a drive-thru window.
Why Smiling Is Essential To Weight LossThe key to losing weight can be as simple as turning that frown upside down, a study shows.
Five Amazing Facts About KaleWhat is so magical about kale? Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll offers five

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