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Some of the Navy's newest weapons sound like something out of "Star Wars," with lasers designed to shoot down drones and electric guns that fire projectiles at hypersonic speeds. (U.S. Navy photo by David C. Mercil/Newsmakers)

US: Chinese Warship Nearly Struck Navy Cruiser

U.S. military officials say a Chinese warship nearly collided with an American Navy guided missile cruiser operating in international waters.


(Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Biden To China Students: Innovation Comes When You ‘Challenge The Government’ And ‘Breathe Free’

Appearing somber and subdued, Biden said the relationship between the two major powers will significantly affect the course of the 21st century. If the U.S. and China can get that relationship right, the possibilities are limitless, Biden said as reporters were allowed in briefly after he met with Xi in Beijing.