Chesapeake Bay

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The Chesapeake Bay Trust Wants You To Name That Bird

The Chesapeake Bay Trust needs help naming the blue heron that appears on its logo an license plate.


(Credit: Stephen Munday/Allsport)

Study Considers 3rd Span for Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Within the next few years, transportation officials in Maryland will begin determining how much longer the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can wait until a third span is built.


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Authorities Searching for Missing Woman in Chesapeake Bay

Authorities in Maryland are searching for a missing Stevensville woman.


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New Vodka Combines Booze And The Bay

Can a beverage get more Maryland than Natural Bohemian beer? Maybe.


credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Gauging Sandy’s Impact on Chesapeake

So far, indications are the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the Chesapeake Bay has not been as great as last fall when a pair of tropical storms caused widespread flooding throughout the northeast that dumped mud, debris and sewage into the water.


credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Restoration Grants Available

A legislative committee that oversees Chesapeake Bay restoration funds says nearly $372,000 is available for education and conservation efforts to benefit the bay.


Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Rivers Group Assess Water-Friendly Codes In Virginia

An analysis of non-tidal Virginia localities that are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed found wide variations in the adoption of development codes intended to keep sediment and runoff from entering rivers and streams.


Credit: William Thomas Cain

Lighthouse Tours For Thomas Point In Maryland Resuming

Tours of the historic Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in Maryland will be resuming this month.


Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Maryland Planting Over 100,000 Trees To Filter Highway Runoff

Maryland highway officials are planting thousands of trees statewide to help filter stormwater that runs off roads and pollutes waterways.


Credit: ROD LAMKEY JR/AFP/Getty Images

Chesapeake Blue Crabs At Highest Level Since 1993

Blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay have hit record numbers, reaching their highest population since 1993.





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