cherry blossom festival

(Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

To Do in D.C.: National Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival runs through April 14 with peak blooming taking place between March 26 and March 30.


Credit: George Mesthos, WNEW Reporter

Metro To Halt Weekend Maintenance One Month For Cherry Blossoms

Metro says it won’t conduct any maintenance work over the next four weekends because of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.


Credit: George Mesthos, WNEW Reporter

Cherry Blossoms Expected To Peak Tuesday

While the peak was previously predicted to be somewhere between March 24th -31st, WNEW Reporter George Mesthos says the peak bloom for the Cherry Blossoms is now expected on Tuesday, March 20th.


The unseasonably early warm weather will cause the Cherry Blossoms to bloom even sooner the projected in 2012. (Credit: WNEW's Kimberly Suiters)

Cherry Blossoms To Bloom Much Sooner Than Projected

The National Park Service has bumped up dates for the cherry blossoms’ peak blooming period almost a week due to the unseasonably warm weather.


Credit: WNEW reporter Kimberly Suiters

100th Cherry Blossom Festival Just Around The Corner, Blossoms Starting To Bloom

Washington is getting ready to celebrate 100 years with its famous cherry blossom trees, and peak bloom season is just around the corner. The Cherry Blossom Festival will be an expanded 5-week ceremony in 2012.


Credit: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

New Shuttle And Tour Bus Opening In Time For Cherry Blossom Festival

Visitors to the National Mall and to Arlington National Cemetery will have new transportation options in time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.