National Zoo’s 12-Year-Old Cheetah Shombay Has Died

The National Zoo announced Tuesday its 12-year-old male cheetah named Shombay died on Saturday.


15-year-old female cheetah, Alix. (Credit: The Maryland Zoo)

15-Year-Old Cheetah Euthanized at Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo says veterinarians have euthanized a 15-year-old female cheetah after the cat’s health declined.


Photo of the Cheetah robot. (credit: DARPA)

Researchers Hoping ‘Cheetah’ Will Be Used In Search And Rescue Missions In Hostile Environments

It’s a robot unlike any other: inspired by the world’s fastest land animal, controlled by video game technology and packing nifty sensors — including one used to maneuver drones, satellites and ballistic missiles.


(Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Infection Suspected in Va. Cheetah Cub’s Death

Metro Richmond Zoo owner Jim Andelin says an infection is the likely cause of a cheetah cub’s death.


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Cheetahs Kill White-Tailed Deer at National Zoo

Two cheetahs at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo have met with some unexpected prey. The result was predictable.


Photo credit: The Smithsonian's National Zoo

National Zoo: Cheetah Mom Dead at 13

The National Zoo in Washington says its female cheetah named Tumai has died.