Carbon Emissions

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Va. Senate Panel Rejects Plan to Cut Carbon Emissions

A state Senate committee has rejected a proposal for Virginia to join a regional cap-and-trade initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions from electric power plants.


Caterpillar front-loading machinery operates on mounds of coal at Arch Coal Terminals on June 3, 2014 in Cattletsburg, Ky. (credit: Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

Kentucky Coal Miner: ‘I’ll Be Surprised’ If I’m Still Working 2 Years From Now

In the shadow of Paradise Fossil Plant’s aging smokestacks, where white steam and carbon dioxide rises into the sky, outdated coal-fired generators are being replaced with one that runs on natural gas.


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Green Roof Vs. Cool Roof

Many cities have created goals to reduce their carbon footprint over the next couple of years. One way they have found to do this is through the roofs of buildings, i.e. “green” and “cool” roofs. Find out what a green roof or cool roof is, how much they cost, their maintenance after installment and their benefits.