Capitol Terror Plot

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Would-Be Capitol Suicide Bomber Amine El Khalifi Waives Right To Hearing

Amine El Khalifi, the man charged with plotting a suicide bombing inside the U.S. Capitol as part of an FBI sting, will remain in jail while he awaits trial after he waived his right to a detention hearing Wednesday.


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Amine El Khalifi Arrested In Foiled US Capitol Terror Plot

A 29-year-old Moroccan man was arrested Friday near the U.S. Capitol as he was planning to detonate what he thought was a suicide vest, given to him by FBI undercover operatives.


Credit: U.S. Dept. of Justice

Court Documents Outline Meetings Between Amine El Khalifi And Undercover Agents

Court documents filed against suspected U.S. Capitol terror suspect Amine El Khalifi outlines a series of meetings between the suspect and undercover FBI agents whom he believed to be members of al-Qaeda.


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FBI Search Of Arlington Home Connected To Thwarted Terror Plot

An Arlington County Police and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation being conducted at home in Douglas Park, Va. is related to the thwarted terror attempt at the U.S. Capitol on Friday.


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Landlord Tipped Off Authorities To Would Be Capitol Bomber, Amine El Khalifi In 2010

A northern Virginia landlord says he thought a Moroccan man arrested in an alleged suicide bombing plot in Washington was suspicious and called police a year and a half ago.