(Source: Handout-Jackson Memorial Hospital) Hospital officials escort cannibal victim Ronald Poppo, showing for the first time the extent of the injuries the homeless man received at the hands of Rudy Eugene. Note: photo slightly blurred.

Miami Cannibal Victim Speaks For First Time Since Vicious Attack

Two months after he was viciously attacked by the so-called Miami Zombie, Ronald Poppo succinctly summed up the events that captured the country’s attention.


Mug shot of Alex Kinyua. (credit: WJZ-TV)

Campus Police Report: Cannibal Suspect ‘Virginia Tech Waiting To Happen’

A Maryland college student accused of killing a housemate and eating his heart and part of his brain was kicked out of an ROTC program after he punched holes in the walls of the cadet computer lab and a military instructor referred to him as a “Virginia Tech waiting to happen,” according to a campus police report months before the attack.