To Smoke Or Not To Smoke: Scientist Says William Shakespeare Used MarijuanaA South African researcher says traces of cannabis were found in fragments of clay pipes discovered in William Shakespeare's garden.
Harvard Professor To NFL: Treat Concussions With PotA well regarded Harvard professor emeritus has a modest suggestion for the NFL: start funding marijuana research as a way to treat concussions.
Civilian Busted For Bringing Pot Into PentagonAn Army employee was busted with 25 grams of marijuana.
Poll: Majority Of Americans In Favor Of Legalizing MarijuanaFor the first time in history, a clear majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana a new poll shows.
Study: Longtime Marijuana Smokers Lack Motivation, Reward-Seeking BehaviorA new study finds that longtime marijuana use lowers motivation and reward-seeking behavior as the brain produces less dopamine.

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