Washington Game Day Uncensored - 10/23/16
You Win Some, You Lose Some in the Zing GameYou win some, you lose some in the zing game, as Cakes of The Junkies was quickly reminded here.
Cakes Makes His Stand-Up Comedy DebutThe stand-up comedy debut of Sports Junkies host John 'Cakes' Auville. Posterity knows no bounds.
Cakes Goes on Tirade, Not Going to Take JP’s Wizards Bashing Anymore (Video)Cakes of The Junkies goes on screaming tirade; not gonna take JP's Wizards bashing and Western Conference bias anymore.
Cakes Must Face Irrational Fear of Leaving the Country After Winning Poker TourneyAfter winning the first annual PPC Poker Stop, Cakes must now face his irrational fear of traveling out of the U.S.
Cakes Finally Gets LICK at JP; EB and Lurch Shamefully Defend JPCakes uncharacteristically blew up on a fellow Junkie Thursday, unleashing on JP for incessantly inferring the Wizards wouldn't be in the playoffs if they were a Western Conference team, and then EB and Lurch shamefully defended JP.
Cakes Asks Taylor Jordan Longest Question Ever, Befuddling JordanCakes asked up-and-coming Nationals pitcher Taylor Jordan the most long-winded, uncomfortable question, while the Junkies were down in Florida last week, and Jordan's response was fitting.
Brooks Laich & Cakes Become Better Buddies in EB's AbsenceIt seems Brooks Laich has moved on to Cakes as his favorite Junkie in EB's absence, acknowledging Cakes with his signature of friendship Thursday -- the weekly 'buddy' reference. What a monumental shift in their relationship.
VIDEO: 2 Years Ago Cakes Told This ‘Borgata Lobby in His Boxers’ StoryAlmost two year ago, Cakes told the funniest story he's ever told, hilariously explaining to a live audience how he'd walked through the Borgata lobby in his boxers, because he'd gotten locked out of his hotel room. It's all on video. Watch him tell it.
We Almost Had 'Ronnie Cakes' Auville on our HandsJohnny 'Cakes' Auville made the revelation Tuesday that, had it not been for his adopted parents intervening on some particularly terrible people at the hospital he was born, he would have had to walk around with the burden of the name Ronald, compounding the problem of being born without parents who loved him.
Cakes' Transaction Addiction Has Ruined 'The Fan'tasy FootballIn this exclusive interview with program director Chris Kinard, we tackle the persistent problem of Cakes and his transaction-addiction, which is ruining fantasy football at 106.7 The Fan.
Come Meet Martin 'Cakes' Auville at Caps ConventionCakes was invited to represent 106.7 The Fan at the Caps Convention on Saturday, and due to some unforeseeable circumstances he couldn't make it. Luckily though, Martin Auville was available on short notice.

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