Brian Kenny


Brian Kenny Can No Longer Defend ‘Wildly Underachieving’ Nationals

The Nationals, in losing their division lead, have also lost one of their biggest media supporters in Brian Kenny of MLB Network.



Brian Kenny Revels in Bryce Harper Breaking Out, Wonders How He Was Ever ‘Polarizing’

Brian Kenny revels in Bryce Harper’s recent success, spends six minutes hammering the slugger’s critics.


Center fielder Denard Span #2 of the Washington Nationals makes a catch on the run and saves two runs in the process on a ball off the bat of Nolan Arenado (not pictured) of the Colorado Rockies for the third out of the first inning at Coors Field on July 22, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Brian Kenny: ‘No Disrespect to Denard Span,’ Bryce Harper Should be Playing CF

Brian Kenny continued MLB Network’s assault of the Nationals, telling the Junkies, “no disrespect to Denard Span,” but Bryce Harper needs to be playing center field.


Stephen Strasburg pitches against the Atlanta Braves (credit: Kevin Liles/Getty Images)

MLB Network’s Brian Kenny Would Have ‘Real Concern’ for Strasburg’s Arm

Brian Kenny, former ESPN anchor and current studio host for MLB Network, says he’d have real concern for Stephen Strasburg despite what the Nationals organization is saying about his arm.