I could stare at this picture of Rich Vos and Bret "Meaty Thighs" all day. Look at Bret's eyes! Let's analyze the sh** out of this thing. Leave a comment on it, in the comments. (Credit: @BretRadio)

Check on Bret: How Did Comedian Rich Vos Know About Sup Dogs?

A photo surface of comedian Rich Vos in Sup Dogs, the Greenville, NC restaurant run by former Junkies executive producer, Bret Oliverio. Let’s check in with Bret, and get to the bottom of how Lich found his spot.


Credit: Bret Oliviero

Sports Junkies: Bret Called Out For Ducking Junks

This morning on the show, the Junks were bitter to find out that their former producer, Bret Oliverio, blew them off while in town for Fourth of July week. The Junkies and received no heads up from Bret while he was in town.

106.7 The Fan–07/10/2012


VIDEO: Bret Oliverio’s Swing At Blue Mash Golf Course

Watch the video of Junkies producer Bret Oliverio’s trifling golf swing.

106.7 The Fan–06/20/2011


Cakes Planking On Bret’s Thighs

Here’s Cakes and JP doing some “planking” during today’s show.

106.7 The Fan–05/16/2011