Bret Oliverio


Look Who Crashed Lunch!

This tweet was courtesy of @EBJunkies, with the caption: “Look who crashed lunch.” Least amount of color I’ve ever needed to add to a post. Just look.


EB: Can't you put the arm back on? Bret: I don't know where it is! (Credit: @TweetMaravich)

The Curious Case of the Hot Dog Statue’s Missing Arm

Longtime Junkies producer Bret Oliverio is expanding his Sup Dogs empire by opening a second location in Greenville, N.C., but what’s more important is SOMEONE STOLE THE ARM FROM THE HOT DOG STATUE!


Bret Oliverio announced an expansion location of Sup Dogs to open in Chapel Hill, N.C. (Credit: Sup Dogs Facebook Page)

Bret Oliverio to Open Second ‘Sup Dogs’ Location in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Thursday brought the exciting news that former Junkies executive producer Bret Oliverio will expand the Sup Dogs brand to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the home of University of North Carolina. Please join us in congratulating he and his lovely wife Jenny on their new endeavor.


Publicity photo of four nerds talking sports. (Credit: WaPo via Google Images)

Classic Junks: Bret Reads BDK’s Breakup Email On The Air

This is the debut blog post in which we look back on a classic Junkies segment with a fresh new perspective. In today’s offering, Bret Oliverio reads an email on the air that Kevin sent to his then-gf, apologizing for breaking up with her.


A street vendor carries dummies with panties. (Credit: ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Panty Perverts Caught in Arlington, Va. and Lanham, Md.

The Junkies had a full-on interrogation to discover if there were any panty sniffers among them, bringing about a gnarly revelation, and all it took was a pervert being caught robbing undergarments in Arlington to force the issue. Also, the original panty sniffer himself, Bret Oliverio, calls in to tell his nosey tales.