Border Patrol Agent: Federal Government Releasing Murderers Into U.S.A Border Patrol agent claims that the federal government is allowing murderers from Central America to be released into the U.S.
Feds To Close 3 Shelters At Military Bases That House Immigrant ChildrenThe government said Monday it will soon close three emergency shelters it established at U.S. military bases to temporarily house children caught crossing the Mexican border alone. It said fewer children were being caught and other shelters will be adequate.
GOP Rep To Obama: 'Please Don't Put America Into A Constitutional Crisis'Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, believes impeachment should be on the table if President Barack Obama goes through with executive actions over immigration.
Legal Experts: White House Could Delay Indefinitely Efforts To Deport Millions Of Illegal ImmigrantsWhat can President Barack Obama actually do without Congress to change U.S.immigration policies? A lot, it turns out.
White House Adviser: Obama Will Make Decision By End Of Summer To Address Immigration SystemA senior White House adviser says President Barack Obama will make a decision by the end of the summer on how to use his authority to address immigrants living illegally in the U.S.
Obama: 'I'm Going To Have To Act Alone' On Border CrisisPresident Barack Obama says House Republicans are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable version of an immigration bill even though they know the bill isn't going anywhere.
Jindal: Obama Administration 'Making Our Country A Magnet For These Migrants'Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the Obama administration Thursday for providing few details to Louisiana officials about the more than 1,000 unaccompanied immigrant children who have been released to sponsors in the state.
Scuttled House Vote On Border Bill Embarrassment For New GOP LeadershipHouse Republican leaders struggled to round up votes from recalcitrant conservatives for a bill dealing with the immigrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border and head home for a five-week summer break boasting of acting to address the crisis.
Immigration Courts Speeding Up Hearings For Tens Of Thousands Of Immigrant Children Caught At BorderImmigration courts are speeding up hearings for the tens of thousands of Central American children caught on the U.S. border after criticism that the backlogged system is letting immigrants stay in the country for years while waiting for their cases to be heard.
House GOP Schedule Companion Vote On Bill To Block Obama From Extending Deportation ReliefHouse Republicans, scrambling to win conservative support for a bill addressing the immigration crisis on the border, have scheduled a companion vote on legislation to block President Barack Obama from extending deportation relief to any more immigrants here illegally.
Immigrant Teen Claims He Was Mistreated By Border Officials: 'My Time In The Ice Boxes Was Worst Experience Of My Life' A 15-year-old immigrant from El Salvador testified before a congressional panel Tuesday claiming that he was mistreated by border officials.
Indiana Gov. to Obama: Deport the Nearly 250 Immigrant Children Feds Placed in My StateGov. Mike Pence is asking that more than 200 immigrant children placed in Indiana be deported and chiding President Barack Obama for not alerting him of the placements.

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