Bob Costas: Football 'Destroys People's Brains'Opinionated sports broadcasters Bob Costas and Tony Kornheiser predict that football will be relegated to the shadows within a generation.
Watch Al Michaels Correct Bob Costas on Redskins' NameWatch Al Michaels correct NBC colleague Bob Costas on his 'Redskins' omission.
Group Asks Broadcasters to Stop Saying 'Redskins' on Public AirwavesA group campaigning for the Washington Redskins to change their name is sending a letter to broadcasters requesting that the name not be uttered on the public airwaves.
Worsening Eye Infection Forces Bob Costas Off Olympic Prime TimeBroadcaster Bob Costas's eye infection is keeping him on the bench at the Winter Olympics.
Matt Lauer To Replace Bob Costas On Olympic CoverageNBC Olympics host Bob Costas is headed to the sidelines because of his eye infections.
Redskins Fans React to Bob Costas' Rant on Team NameBob Costas gave more than a two-minute monologue at halftime of the Redskins-Cowboys game on NBC Sunday night, willing casual viewers to insist on the name 'Redskins' to be changed. Here's how local Skins fans reacted the next day, including those who have grown weary of the debate.
Bob Costas: 'Redskins' is an 'Insult, a Slur' No Matter IntentThe debate over the Washington Redskins team name was again on national display Sunday night with Bob Costas shining the spotlight brightly during a halftime discourse witnessed by tens of millions.
TTYM: Watch NBA Players Read 'Mean Tweets' About Themselves And The Dumbest Quote By An Athlete Ever?
Opinion: Bob Costas, Nobody Cares What You Think AnywayThanks to Bob Costas following the Jovan Belcher tragedy, it's apparent that there is no occasion in which a liberal-minded high-profile personality in society thinks that their opinion is unwelcome.
NRA CEO: Belcher's Girlfriend Could Be Alive If She Was Gun OwnerThe head of the National Rifle Association, CEO Wayne LaPierre, stated that the recent murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs player Javon Belcher could have been avoided if his girlfriend owned a gun to protect herself.
Junkies: Wrong Time, Wrong Place For CostasLast night, during halftime of Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday Night Football, sportscaster Bob Costas choose to make a gun control plea to America, but did it cross the line?
Bob Costas Talks Sandusky, Baseball Legendary sports broadcaster Bob Costas, who hosts "Costas Tonight" on the NBC Sports Network, joined "The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner" on Thursday and covered numerous topics in the sports world.

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