LOOK: EB Looks HomelessThe Junks laugh about Blue Shorts' photo of 'homeless' EB.
Junkies TBT: Asa Akira Dominates Blue Shorts [Full Video]Junkies TBT: Asa Akira dominates Blue Shorts (full video).
Blue Shorts Joans on his ‘Donk’ Dad’s Trifling Socks/Golf Swing on TwitterBlue Shorts was tweeting some hard smack on his dad's terrible sock game and even worse golf swing during a round of golf yesterday. You can see all the tweets, photos and video here.
Blue Shorts Eats Giant Jalapenos to Impress Lavar and Chad (Video)VIDEO: Blue Shorts eats as many jalapenos as he can (without dying) in exchange for Lavar Arrington making an appearance on his new radio show.
Blue Shorts Teaches RGIII How to SlideBlue Shorts decided to take RGIII up on his invitation for tips on how to properly slide, by heading to a nearby park and demonstrating proper technique during a wacky bit appearance on the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan.
Weird Danny Won’t Share Food with Boss, Explains Funny Rules on Food106.7 The Fan's Danny Rouhier is one of the stranger breeds of human to walk this earth, and demonstrated as much at a gathering of co-workers, when he refused to share his fries with a higher-up of CBS Radio. He explained his weird rules on sharing food to the Junkies.
Sydney Leathers Doesn't Appreciate Jokes About Her FatherSydney Leathers, famed Anthony Weiner life-ruiner, made an appearance on "The Junkies" radio in Washington, D.C. Everything was going swimmingly, until she asserted her morals in defense of her father, against a suggestion of what they should do together.
Lurch Asks 'What Will Make My Life Happy?' En Route to Startling Revelation Amidst Jason "Lurch" Bishop continuing his ongoing struggle to find the meaning of life, he made the shocking revelation that he's considering adding a dog to his family. Now he needs your help weeding out the crap dogs, from the one that will finally bring him happiness.
The 2013 Junkies Bikini Contest (Photos & Video)The Junkies 2013 Bikini Contest is in the books. Here's the short link to all the photos, videos and audio from the show you need to get you through your day, then your night, then day, night ...
Guys, JP Clearly Knew About Puig Before All of You OkayYasiel Puig is 33 games into his young career, and already a finalist for the 2013 MLB All-Star Game, okay. So we can stop the charade and thank JP from the Junkies for bringing him to our attention.
Viral Video: Cow Gets Pummeled While Getting Pummeled [NSFW]While the headline really says it all, click this link if you want to watch a cow get nailed while uhhh ... getting nailed.
Adam LaRoche on Avoiding Slow Starts: 'I've Tried Hunting More...Hunting Less'Adam LaRoche and his notoriously slow offensive starts are something of baseball lure, and as he told the Junkies on Thursday, he's tried everything to shake having a mediocre April. Everything, including varying his offseason hunting regimen.

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