Bickel's Blog: Bryce Harper Is Here To StayI had no idea if Bryce Harper was as good as advertised before his recent call up to the Washington Nationals last week.
Bickel's Blog: I Think I'm in Love With Robert Griffin IIIRobert Griffin III was in town this week . . . I love this guy.
Bickel's Blog: NFL Needs To Own Kill ShotsKill shots are part of the game. Knocking a guy senseless is standard in the NFL. If a guy can't continue to play even better. Every player will tell you that. It's time to acknowledge the truth.
Bickel's Blog: Being A DC Sports Fan Is Taking Its TollIt seems like every team I root for now, ultimately loses. It would be one thing if the town was filled with loveable losers. Guys that left it all on the field or court, but they just aren't good enough. But we don't have that. We have Andray Blatche and Rex Grossman
Bickel's Blog: Punt The Pro BowlIt's painfully obvious at this point the NFL Pro Bowl has outlived it's utility. It's time to get rid of the game nobody wants to play in the first place.
Bickel's Blog: Ted, Sell The WizardsThe Wizards are becoming a national punchline, and there are few positives to focus on. We know the problems with the players and staff, but is Ted Leonsis the right owner for this team?
Bickel's Blog: I Love Tebow, But Not For My TeamI love Tim Tebow. I love his attitude. I love his work ethic. I love his desire to be the best he can be. I admire his refusal to attack his critics- of which there are millions. I love his athleticism. I love the way he competes. I just don't want him on the Redskins.
Bickel's Blog: The Road To NowherevilleWhat the hell happened to my Redskins? How has it come to this? We're stuck in the mud again on the road to nowhereville. We're 4-9 this year...6-10 last year. We are a coach's graveyard if your last name isn't Gibbs. Any other place and we'd be calling for Mike Shanahan's head.
Bickel's Blog: Beware Of EB's Let's look back at the last 49 first round quarterbacks. How will we grade the picks? I've broken them down into four groups. Epic Busts, Kyle Orton's, Eli's, and Home Runs.

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