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John Boehner Speaking

Boehner Mocks ‘Lukewarm’ White House Reaction To Israeli Election

House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday defended his invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress earlier this month and mocked the Obama administration’s chilly reaction to the Israeli prime minister’s election victory.


Netanyahu Elections

Netanyahu: We Achieved Great Victory For Israel ‘Against All Odds’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party scored a resounding victory in the country’s elections.


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Netanyahu: ‘Arab Voters Are Coming Out In Droves To The Polls’

Israelis are voting in early parliamentary elections following a campaign focused on economic issues such as the high cost of living, rather than fears of a nuclear Iran or on the Israeli-Arab conflict.


Jon Voight Speaking

Jon Voight: ‘Obama Does Not Love Israel’

Actor Jon Voight claims that President Barack Obama doesn’t love Israel.


Obama Netanyahu Shake Hands

Could Israeli Elections Be Difference-Maker In Obama-Netanyahu Relationship?

The relationship with President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can be described as frosty at best.


Pelosi Talking

Pelosi, Democrats Furious Over Netanyahu ‘Condescension’

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi politely stood and clapped when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entered the House chamber for his long-awaited, and highly controversial, speech to Congress. The longer he spoke, the less enthusiastic she got.



Dozens Of Democrats Skip Netanyahu’s Speech

About 57 Democratic Senators and Representatives boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress.


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Netanyahu: Nuclear Deal ‘Paves Iran’s Path To The Bomb’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to Congress that Israel and the United States must stand together to stop Iran.


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McCain: ‘Every Country In The Region Is Going To Go Nuclear’ If US Signs Iran Deal

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says “every country” in the Middle East will go nuclear if the U.S. makes a nuclear deal with Iran.


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Netanyahu: ‘Israeli Leaders Worry About The Survival Of Their Country’

Israel’s leader insists the alliance between his country and the United States is “stronger than ever.”