Hand Sanitizer

Report: Almost Everything We Do to Avoid Germs is Useless

If you’re obsessively compulsive about using hand sanitizer, or you classify yourself as a germaphobe who avoids public surfaces at all costs, a new report might surprise you.


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Research: Bacteria Can Live On Airplane Surfaces For A Week+

Before you take your next flight, you may want to take along a little extra hand sanitizer. New research shows bacteria can hang around on airplane surfaces for more than a week.


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Bacteria In Chesapeake Bay Prompts Swimming Advisory

With Memorial Day approaching, Virginia health officials have temporarily banned swimming and wading in part of the Chesapeake Bay because of bacteria levels.


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Md. Warns of Possible Bacteria in Porridge Product

Maryland health officials are warning people against eating a porridge product because of the potential presence of dangerous bacteria in it.


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Company Recalls 16 Varieties of Cheese After Death

A Delaware company has recalled 16 varieties of cheese after some of the cheeses were linked to a death in California and illnesses in newborns.


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7 Sick in Md. From Deadly Bacteria Linked to Cheese

One person has died and three newborns have become ill in an outbreak of listeria linked to Hispanic-style cheese.


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Beach Bacteria Prompts Advisories in Norfolk, Va.

Swimming advisories are in effect at four Ocean View beaches in Norfolk because of high bacteria levels.


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Anne Arundel Co. Warns Residents of Bacteria in Water

Anne Arundel County health officials are telling beach-goers to stay out of the water this weekend because of high levels of bacteria.


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Why Your Office Phone Is Filthier Than The Toilet

Germs are everywhere this time of year, and if you want to be careful, you need to protect yourself. If the office, it helps to be aware of sneaky places bacteria and viruses hide. Here’s 6 places you might not have looked.