Report: Snowden Files Petition To Extend Asylum In RussiaEdward Snowden has reportedly applied to extend his asylum in Russia.
Obama Aunt Who Stayed In U.S. Illegally Dies At 61 Zeituni Onyango was living in the U.S. illegally after losing an asylum request in 2004.
Report: Snowden Reached Out To Russian Consulate While In Hong KongA respected Russian newspaper says National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden spent two days in the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong directly before leaving on an abortive attempt to reach asylum in Latin America.
Lawyer: Snowden's Father Invited To Visit RussiaThe Russian lawyer for Edward Snowden said Tuesday that he has sent an official invitation to the National Security Agency leaker's father to visit Russia and help his fugitive son decide his next steps.
Snowden Submits Request for Temporary Asylum in RussiaNational Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on Tuesday submitted a request for temporary asylum in Russia, his lawyer said.
Cuba's Raul Castro Supports Asylum Offers For SnowdenPresident Raul Castro is expressing solidarity with the apparent willingness of Cuba's Latin American allies to take in NSA leaker Edward Snowden.
Iceland Lawmakers Propose Immediate Citizenship For SnowdenIcelandic lawmakers introduced a proposal in Parliament on Thursday to grant immediate citizenship to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, who admits to revealing key details of U.S. surveillance activities.
NSA Informant's Asylum Request Could Take Years To ProcessThe former defense contractor who leaked the National Security Agency’s surveillance plans on Americans could face a years-long wait for an asylum request.
Napolitano: Homeland Security Knew Of Bombing Suspect's Russia TripHomeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is defending the security procedures that occur when someone applies for asylum to the U.S. — as the family of the alleged Boston bombers did about a decade ago. She described an extensive process with multiple screenings.
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