In this handout image provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, the International Space Station. (Photo by Paolo Nespoli - ESA/NASA via Getty Images)

6 Evacuate U.S. Part of Space Station; NASA Says All Are Safe

Astronauts hurriedly evacuated the U.S. section of the International Space Station and moved to its Russian module after a coolant problem emerged Wednesday, but Russian and U.S. officials insisted all six crew were not in any danger.


(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Cosmic Caffeine: Space Station Adds Italian Espresso Machine

The astronauts in space will soon be sipping some good coffee. The International Space Station is getting a real Italian espresso machine.


International Space Station (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Christmas Delivery Finally for Space Station

Christmas has finally arrived for the six space station astronauts.


(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Astronauts Make Rare Christmas Eve Spacewalk

Two space station astronauts have floated outside on Christmas Eve in hopes of wrapping up urgent cooling system repairs.


(Credit: NASA via Getty Images)

NASA Astronauts Tackle Urgent Spacewalking Repairs

Astronauts removed an old space station pump Saturday, sailing through the first of a series of urgent repair spacewalks to revive a crippled cooling line.


A video screen telecasting Edwin "Buzz"

A New Class of Astronauts

Among the lucky candidates: the first female fighter pilot to become an astronaut in nearly two decades. A female helicopter pilot also is in the group.


File photo of the International Space Station.  (Photo by Paolo Nespoli - ESA/NASA via Getty Images)

Spacewalk May Be Needed To Fix Space Station Leak

Two astronauts on the International Space Station are preparing for a possible impromptu spacewalk to work on a leaking coolant line.


NASA (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

NASA Plans To Use Astronauts As Messengers To Mars

NASA’s future plans to explore Mars may end up using astronauts as space messengers.


In this photo provided by NASA, a total lunar eclipse is seen as the full moon is shadowed by the Earth on the arrival of the winter solstice on Dec. 21, 2010 in Arlington, Va. (credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images)

NASA Missing More Than 500 Moon Rocks, Comet Chunks

Astronauts may have had the ‘right stuff’ to go to the moon, but when it comes to keeping track of what they brought back, NASA seems to have misplaced some of that stuff.