Arctic Ocean

white-beaked dolphin

Researchers Find Polar Bears Now Eating Dolphins In Arctic

A polar bear was seen eating a dolphin, a sign that climate change is upending the Arctic habitat.


Credit: Nasa/Getty Images

Climate Expert: If Small Fraction Of Arctic Carbon Is Released, ‘We’re F—–‘

After scientists from Stockholm University discovered “vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor” in the Arctic Ocean this week, climatologist Dr. Jason Box remarked that if even a portion of the carbon moves into the atmosphere, “we’re f’d.”


Experts estimate 13 percent of the world's untapped oil reserves may lie beneath the melting Arctic ice. (Getty Images)

Nations Vie For Clout In Arctic; U.S. Far From Lead

Critics say the U.S. is lagging behind Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Canada and Denmark in securing Arctic Ocean rights.


Two polar bears on a small ice floe surrounded by water and ice. Mother and two years old cub. Symbolic for climate situation in the arctic.  (credit:  Josef Friedhuber/Getty Images)

Arctic Sea Ice 6th Lowest, But Rebounds From 2012

The amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean shrank this summer to the sixth lowest level, but that’s much higher than last year’s record low.


A new study states that Artic Ice has shrunk to an all-time low due to Global Warming causes. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Data: All-Time Record Arctic Ice Melt Due To Man-Made Global Warming

Scientists say critical ice in the Arctic Ocean melted to record low levels this overheated summer.