Actor Colton Haynes Talks About His Person Battles With Anxiety DisorderActor Colton Haynes recently sent out a message to millions of Americans suffering and struggling with anxiety disorders.
Study: Psychedelic Drugs May Help Treat Anxiety, AddictionPsychedelic drugs like LSD or "magic mushrooms" may be beneficial in carefully controlled settings for patients suffering from intense anxiety, addiction, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new study.
Video Games Being Developed To Target Depression, AnxietyPsychologists believe video games could be a new way to reach people who need help.
Study: Childhood Bullying Victims Still Suffer At Age 50The effects of childhood bullying can last through adolescence, and even negatively affect victims decades later until the age of fifty.
Study: Media Multitasking May Lead To Depression, AnxietyDigital multitasking – such as posting social media while fiddling with the television remote – may lead to depression and anxiety.

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