Ann Romney: 'I'm Running Out Of Time'Their legacy already established in politics, Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, are working to leave a lasting mark on neuroscience.
Ann Romney: I Don't Think Obama Was Telling The Truth About Health Care LawThe wife of Mitt Romney believes President Barack Obama was lying to the American people about his signature health care law.
Opinion: Republicans, Abortion and LyingFrom being deceitful on Romney's actual position on abortion to being deceitful that women get pregnant from rape or that women can die from pregnancy complications it is time to call the GOP on the deceit and the stupidity.
Ann Romney: Mitt 'Will Not Run Again' If He Loses ElectionThe presidential campaign, heavy on finger-pointing and recrimination, is taking a brief detour so President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney can play politics for laughs.
Ann Romney: 'Pennsylvania Is In Play'The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney assured supporters on Monday, the eve of the second presidential debate, that he has not given up on the state and its precious payload of 20 electoral votes.
Ann Romney Says Husband Ready For Debate The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney accentuated the candidate's compassionate side at a Pennsylvania rally on the eve of his second debate with President Barack Obama.
Opinion: Romney's Move To The Middle Is Nothing More Than Baseless RhetoricWhy is Mitt Romney, the severely Conservative candidate for president, all of a sudden moving to the middle?
Obama, Romney: Rivals With Little Personal History When Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2008, one of the people who reached out to the couple was newly elected President Barack Obama.
Ann Romney: Electing A Mormon Would Signal 'Prejudices Are Left Behind'Ann Romney says the election of her husband, a Mormon, would signal "that prejudices are left behind" just as the election of President Barack Obama sent that signal.
Opinion: Thanks To Clint And Clinton, We Almost Stayed AwakeThe Republican and Democratic National Conventions of 2012 – yawn-per-yawn – have to be the most uninspiring political conventions in recent history.
Opinion: Ann Romney's RNC Speech Helps Mitt’s ImageThe speech gave much of what Ann and Mitt Romney have been trying to reveal about themselves throughout the misleading negative campaigning of 2012 which has put them on some imaginary pedestal due to Mitt Romney’s business success and extreme wealth. They, too, like most American families, have obviously experienced life’s uncertain challenges intertwined with their successes.
Opinion: Romney’s “Birther” Joke Obviously Just a JokeWhen Mitt Romney cracked a joke about nobody having to check his birth certificate to know that he was born in Michigan on Friday, the leftist critics went wild. It was like they were desperate to latch on to anything other than the issues now that the Todd Akin story is already burning out on them.

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