Ann Coulter: 'How Many F---ing Jews Do These People Think There Are In The United States?'Conservative pundit Ann Coulter was tired of some Republican presidential candidates pandering to Israel during Wednesday night’s debate, and made her point about it on Twitter.
Ann Coulter: Nikki Haley Is 'An Immigrant' Who Doesn't Understand America's HistoryConservative political commentator Ann Coulter said Tuesday night that Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is "an immigrant" who doesn't comprehend America's history.
Ann Coulter Slams Michelle Obama On Commencement Speech, Race RelationsAnn Coulter made an appearance on Hannity Monday, which included remarks criticizing Michelle Obama's commencement speech at Tuskegee University.
Coulter: 'Too Bad Suspect No. 1 Won't Be Able To Be Legalized By Marco Rubio'The Boston Marathon bombings cast a shadow Friday over the start of debate on legislation to remake the U.S. immigration system, as some Republicans argued that the role of two immigrant suspects raised questions about gaps in the system.
Opinion: The Name Calling Is Getting Out Of ControlBoth political parties – Republicans and Democrats – are known for getting carelessly carried away with name calling when stakes and tensions are high in the political arena. Regardless, there is no excuse for the type of name-calling that has surfaced over the past week.
Opinion: Romney Needs To Tell Andrea Saul, “You’re Fired!”Wishing a pink slip on anyone during these economic times may be harsh, but for saying that Romney’s Romneycare in Massachusetts would have saved Soptic’s wife and drawing conservative ire across the country, Andrea Saul deserves it.

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