American Meteor Society

Perseid meteor shower. (Photo credit: BORYANA KATSAROVA/AFP/Getty Images)

Meteor Sightings Across Va., Eastern U.S.

People throughout the U.S., including Virginia, say they spotted a green fireball light up the sky Monday night.


Illustration credit: American Meteor Society

Night Sky ‘Fire Ball’ Sightings Reported in Several States

The American Meteor Society has received more than 200 reports — mostly from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware — of a bright fireball lighting up the night sky Sunday night.


File photo of a meteor shower. (credit: DESIREE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Maryland Residents See Meteoric Fireball Shoot Across Sky

A bright light seen traveling across the sky over the weekend by dozens of witnesses across Maryland and the region is what astronomers are calling a fragmenting meteoric fireball.


(Photo Credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

NASA: Flash In East Coast Sky Likely A Meteor

East Coast residents were buzzing on social media sites and elsewhere Friday night after a brief but bright flash of light streaked across the early-evening sky —in what experts say was almost certainly a meteor coming down.