Congressional Reaction To Obama's SpeechGeneral approval from Democrats and Republicans in Congress to the president's ISIS strategy address to the nation.
Obama Outlines Plan To Defeat Islamic StateStrategy will include U.S. led air strikes and the training and arming of Syrian rebels opposed to the Islamic State group. He promises no "boots on the ground" for American forces.
Obama: U.S. to Expand Airstrikes on Islamic StatePresident Barack Obama says the United States will wage a military campaign that will target Islamic State fighters with airstrikes ``wherever they exist.''
Kerry: 'There Is A Strategy That Is Clear' To Deal With ISISSecretary of State John Kerry says there is a strategy to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, criticizing those who lashed out at President Barack Obama who stated last week the White House did not have a strategy yet to deal with the terror group.
Pentagon: Islamic State Militants Will RegroupAmerican air strikes have disrupted ISIS military operations, but Def. Sec. Hagel warns the Islamic extremist group will eventually recover and begin a new offensive.
US Launches New Barrage Of Airstrikes Against ISIS In Iraq Following Beheading Of American JournalistThe United States launched a new barrage of airstrikes Wednesday against the Islamic State extremist group that beheaded American journalist James Foley and that has seized a swath of territory across Iraq and Syria.
CBS News: US Launches First Airstrike Against ISIS In Northern IraqCBS News reports that the U.S. has launched an airstrike against Iraqi militants.
United States Says Syria Balking At Chemical Weapons DealU.S. official warns Syria is using stalling tactics to delay attempts to remove and destroy chemical stockpile.

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