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FAA will examine lightning protection at all U.S. airport towers, like the control tower at Los Angeles International Airport. (Getty Images)

FAA To Examine Airport Towers

After a lightning strike injured a controller at BWI, the FAA will test lightning protection systems for airport towers.


File photo of a plane flying over Washington. (credit: Getty Images)

Obama: Flight Delay Fix a ‘Band-Aid’

President Barack Obama says the congressional fix for widespread flight delays is an irresponsible way to govern, but he’s prepared to sign the legislation that lawmakers fast-tracked.


Arriving passengers wait for a ride outside Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angles International Airport (LAX) on April 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, Calif. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

House Approves Measure To End Furloughs Of Air Traffic Controllers

Congress has easily approved legislation ending furloughs of air traffic controllers that have delayed hundreds of flights daily.


File photo of an air traffic controller. (Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Furloughs Begin For Nearly 15,000 Air Traffic Controllers

Commercial airline flights moved smoothly throughout most of the country on Sunday, the first day air traffic controllers were subject to furloughs resulting from government spending cuts, though some delays appeared in the late evening in and around New York.


An air traffic controller monitors flights (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Air Traffic Tower Closures Will Strip Safety Net

The planned shutdown of nearly 240 air traffic control towers across the country under federal budget cuts will strip away an extra layer of safety during takeoffs and landings, leaving pilots to manage the most critical stages of flight on their own.


Credit: WNEW reporter Kevin Patrick

Near Three-Plane Collision Averted After Air Traffic Controller Miscommunication At Reagan

The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into an air traffic controller mishap that nearly ended in a flaming tragedy.