New Ad Technology Begs Question: Is Big Brother Selling You Out?With today's billboards, you can literally be a target on the road. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.
Angry Birds Maker Denies Sharing Info With NSARovio becomes the latest tech company to say it is not voluntarily giving information to the government.
Study: Eating Popcorn Grants Immunity To Movie AdsA new study finds eating popcorn may make you immune to movie theater ads.
Google Argues for Right to Continue Scanning GmailGoogle's attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people's Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal.
Study: Local Newspapers Have Lost Billions Due To CraigslistA new study has found that local newspapers have lost billions of dollars in advertisement revenue to Craigslist, a website providing classified-advertising services.
Enough Already: Voters Hit With Ads, Calls, More People who live in battleground states tend to have a number and a coping strategy. Virginian Catherine Caughey's number is four: Her family recently got four political phone calls in the space of five minutes.
Study: African-American Youth Exposed To More Alcohol Ads Researchers have discovered that African-American juveniles are exposed to higher volumes of advertising for alcoholic beverages than those in other racial and age demographics.
Romney Attacks President Barack Obama In IndianaMitt Romney attacked what he calls "an extraordinary series of policy failures" from President Barack Obama, but said Saturday that America is "poised to take off economically."
Obama Campaign Shelling Out $25 Million On Advertising In MayPresident Barack Obama's re-election team plans to spend $25 million on advertising this month, a dramatic escalation of its media presence in a handful of states that could determine the outcome on Nov. 6.

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