A Good Read

Artunes, by Pablo Helguera

A Good Read: Artunes

If you want a good laugh at the expense of the classical music community WNEW’S Judlyne Lilly says a good read might be a book of cartoons called Artunes.



A Good Read: Writ Of Mandamus

Curl up to a good read this fall. WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly talked to author Rick Robinson about his latest book ‘Writ of Mandamus’.


forbidden lessons book cover

A Good Read: Forbidden Lessons from a Kabul Guesthouse

Up to a good read this fall? WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly talked to Suraya Sadeed about her book Forbidden Lessons From A Kabul Guesthouse.


4th and goal book cover

A Good Read: 4th And Goal, One Man’s Quest To Recapture His Dream

Imagine this: You’re living your dream. You’re offered a position on the coaching staff of a championship football school. But your salary won’t support your four small children. Not only that, the job is all encompassing and you wouldn’t get to see your children for months at a time.


swirling book cover

A Good Read: Swirling

WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly talked to one author who has some advice for African-American women who are looking for Mr. Right.


Tiger's Claw

A Good Read: Tiger’s Claw

WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly talked to Dale Brown about his latest book Tiger’s Claw.


stepping up

A Good Read: Stepping Up, How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything

Is there something wrong at work and all you do is complain about it? WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly spoke with an author who says there’s a way to change things. It’s called Stepping Up.


A Good Read: You're Stronger Than You Think

A Good Read: You’re Stronger Than You Think

As you get ready for the fall, WNEW’S Judlyne Lilly talked to one author who says you should seek the life you want to live and do it now.


The Whip

A Good Read: The Whip

Can you imagine what it was like for women in the west of the 19th century? A lot of women lived there lives as men in those days.


Hidden In Dreams

A Good Read: Hidden In Dreams

“Dreams are universal. They’re one of the few things that you can say about all of mankind that are genuinely universal.”