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WNEW Reporter Kris Ankarlo takes an up-close-and-personal look at the City of Annapolis. Check back daily for updates and visit for more information.

Visit Annapolis: Maryland Avenue

If you want to discover Annapolis, you may have to take a few steps off the beaten path. Maryland Avenue is one of those spots that you can really dive into the city’s lifestyle.


Visit Annapolis: Kayak Annapolis

A kayak tour may be the most laid back way to take in Annapolis, especially when you go out with an outfit like Kayak Annapolis.


Visit Annapolis: U.S. Naval Academy

Visiting Annapolis without stopping by the Naval Academy is like flying to Rome without walking through the Colosseum or passing through Cairo without so much as a glimpse at the Pyramids. Although, the Naval Academy doesn’t singularly define Annapolis, there’s no denying it’s central role to the city.


Visit Annapolis: Historic Annapolis

Think about this: Every founding father walked on the streets of Annapolis, in many places the same street surface you walk on today. The history runs deep here, and you can dive in as far as you want.


Visit Annapolis: Watermark Cruise Tours

As the cobblestones and bricks of Annapolis have stood the test of time, there is one substance of even more historic importance to Maryland’s capital city: water.


Visit Annapolis: Watermark Walking Tours

As we collectively celebrate the bicentennial of our national anthem, who better to lead you on a walking tour of Annapolis than Francis Scott Key.


Visit Annapolis: Trolley Tour

Few things are as ubiquitous in historic districts as the trolley tour. From St. Augustine to Boston you could pretty much make your way up the I-95 corridor just hopping from trolley tour to trolley tour. So naturally, in a town as historic as Annapolis you’re going to find a trolley tour.


Visit Annapolis: Annapolis Community Boating

Sailing is fundamentally Annapolis. After all, there’s a reason it’s called the sailing capital of America.


Visit Annapolis: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

SERC is about 25 minutes south of Annapolis off of Muddy Branch Road. The road leading to the Reed Education Center winds along rolling hills and antiquated plantations before diving deep into the woods.


Visit Annapolis: The Schooner Woodwind

Now, if you don’t have a sailboat, or a rich friend who does … no worries, the Schooner Woodwind gives you a chance to ride the bay on the wind.


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