The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes

Former Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington was always one of the most vocal players in the NFL. Now, he’s on the other side of the mic, giving D.C. sports fans the real deal behind what happens on the field. Lavar is joined by Chad Dukes, formerly the midday host at 106.7 WJFK. Dukes is a D.C. area native and long suffering Washington sports fan.


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pierre Garçon garcon

Pierre Garcon ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Play for Team with Name That Offended Him

Pierre Garcon told Lavar and Dukes he “probably wouldn’t play” for a team if that team’s name was offensive to him “or somebody I know.” It’s probably safe to say he doesn’t know anyone offended by the name ‘Redskins.’


Lavar Arrington Gives Concussion Awareness Speech at White House (Photos)

Lavar Arrington was on-hand in the East Room of the White House Thursday to speak about raising awareness about concussions in sports, on behalf of the Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit (PHOTOS).


Barry Trotz on LaVar and Dukes

Here’s an audacious way to get a promotion: Tell the big boss what he’s been doing wrong.


Lavar Arrington on Michael Sam: ‘Just Say You Want to be a Celebrity!’ (Video)

Former Redskin Lavar Arrington was very impassioned about Michael Sam’s plans to film a documentary of his path to the NFL, saying “Just say you want to be a celebrity!” while adding he likely won’t make the Rams final roster.


Germaphobe Chad Dukes Gets Hit With Trash; Chad Throws a Chair (Watch)

Someone threw a piece of paper from the trash at germaphobe Chad Dukes, who went crazy and reacted by cursing and throwing a chair at his assailant. Watch the video here.


Xbox Sign Out: Trolling Xbox One Users Live on the Radio

There’s a horrible trick radio hosts can play on Xbox One/Kinect users that involves unexpectedly signing them out of whatever video game they’re playing, using the voice command “Xbox Sign Out” and it’s utterly hysterical.


Redskins Threaten to Sue Lavar Arrington for Calling Himself ‘Redskins Great’

The Washington Redskins threatened a lawsuit by sending a “cease and desist” letter to former Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington, for using the phrase “Redskins great” in a promotional flyer for his summer football camp.


NBAPA: Silver’s Punishment of Sterling Prevented Wizards-Bulls Game 5 Boycott

If NBA commissioner Adam Silver hadn’t handed down such a strong penalty to Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the Washington Wizards wouldn’t have closed out against the Bulls Tuesday night, because neither team would have taken the court.


NBA’s Ruling Against Donald Sterling Raises Invasion of Privacy Debate

NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s ruling, to ban Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for life, yields a subsequent debate between 106.7 The Fan’s Lavar Arrington and Chad Dukes over possible invasion of privacy.


RGIII: ‘There Are No Regrets From Last Year’

“There are no regrets from last year,” Robert Griffin III told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes on Friday.


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