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JP is one of the cohosts of the “Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan. JP has a penchant for arguing especially with EB over everything from the Redskins to his chronic lateness. The former Temple Law graduate is now a published author. His book, “Chasing Rocky,” can be purchased via Amazon.com here. You can also follow him on Twitter @GlassJoeJP and Facebook.

Flaim’s Forum: Kevin Durant, Playoff MVP

Not a lot of people are paying attention to the Oklahoma City Thunder — the Miami Heat are the NBA’s glamour team — but you should because Kevin Durant is proving why he soon will be crowned the best player in basketball.


Flaim’s Forum: 5 Things The Wizards Must Do

The season will come to an end in one month and then Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis must decide what to do with this bumbling team. Here are five suggestions:


Flaim’s Forum: Wizards’ Wall Worth Watching

The Wizards are awful and nobody is watching but maybe there is reason to start thinking more optimistically. John Wall is becoming a better basketball player and is starting to show signs that he can be a star in the league.


Flaim’s Forum: Do The Nats Have A Harper Headache?

Bryce Harper, 2010 number one pick, has a shot to make the opening day roster and start in right field. But will Harper’s youth and immaturity become a headache for the Nats?


Flaim’s Forum: Flip Finally Fired, Now What?

The Wizards have put Flip Saunders out of his misery. It’s a move that had to be made. Where does the team go from here though?


Head coach Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins

Flaim’s Forum: Redskins MUST Draft A Quarterback

It’s never been more evident than this weekend watching the NFL playoffs.


Flaim’s Forum: Wizards New Plan ‘Going As Expected?’ Really?

I read Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis’ blog post today and laughed. He titled it, “Going as I expected.” Really?


Flaim’s Forum: All I Want For Christmas

I just don’t write a letter to Santa anymore. But I thought maybe I’d try this year and write a Christmas wish list for all DC sports fans.


Flaim’s Forum: Chasing Rocky

Today, JP from The Sports Junkies released a book detailing his experience leading up his first professional boxing fight. Find out why he decided to write the book.


Flaim’s Forum: Caps Need Ovi To Play Like MVP

This season Ovechkin has scored just 8 goals in 22 games. Does that sound like MVP numbers? Ovechkin’s 17 points leaves him currently tied for 54th in the NHL. OV doesn’t even lead the Caps in points anymore. The question is will Dale Hunter be able to get Ovechkin back on the right track?


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