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Embattled President Nicolas Maduro listed several specific U.S. politicians in travel ban, to which they gave tongue-in-cheek responses
In testing the national waters of a 2016 run, the potential GOP candidate tells why he changed his mind on hot-button issue
The former Arkansas governor weighs in on his presidential ambitions
Many Republicans say the U.S. needs a more robust strategy to actually defeat the militant group once and for all
House Speaker claims White House "attacked" him and Israeli PM ahead of his allegedly in-demand and divisive appearance before Congress
House Speaker says disagreements over DHS funding are not disloyalty, adding: "I enjoy all the personalities and I've got a lot of them"
The Supreme Court is being asked to let raw politics play an even bigger role in the drawing of congressional district boundaries
Voters at conservative conference pick their favorite 2016 hopeful, but with primaries a year away, do the results really matter?
After attending the "main event" at CPAC featuring a Q&A with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, CBS News' Nancy Cordes, John Dickerson and Steve Chaggaris take a break to reflect on CPAC 2015.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may have won three elections in the past four years, but he's still finding his way in presidential politics

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