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Some in the SEIU, one of labor's most powerful unions, are pushing for the organization to support Bernie Sanders instead
Kim Davis, the clerk of Kentucky's Rowan County, has defied the courts by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
Biden's recent political and media activities are continuing to fuel rumors of a presidential run
The wrestler was responding to a question about which candidate he'd want in the ring
Maryland senator's support means Democrats have the votes to keep the nuclear deal alive, despite GOP attempts to kill it
Kentucky county clerk defying Supreme Court on same-sex marriage acknowledges she made "major mistakes" before she was born again
In the latest twist in the Donald Trump/Jeb Bush war, the Bush campaign sent out seven questions for voters - designed to remind them of the billionaire's shifting opinions over the years
Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is escalating his attacks against rival Donald Trump
Republican presidential rivals have been feuding for weeks; now former Florida governor is launching most aggressive blow yet
The initiative would target youth and veteran unemployment