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The Iranian foreign minister called on parties to close on a deal and join together to fight "violent extremism and barbarism"
The two Republican 2016 candidates are in New Hampshire for the July 4th holiday and will be spending Friday night at the Romney lake house
The president had wanted the Education Department to produce a college ratings system based on value and affordability, and he had set a date in 2015 for rolling it out
His vote against the Iraq war makes sense to them, but his push to switch to the metric system does not
Webb's presidential announcement attracted little attention on the social media site, exceeding the engagement numbers of just one other party candidate
The U.S. women's team will play Japan in Vancouver Jul. 5
Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation changing state's criminal code following arrest of activist at Black Lives Matter protest
2016 Republican candidate interrupts voter in key state to tell him he should vote for somebody else
Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the latest contenders
One of the primary sticking points for negotiators has been access for inspectors to Iran's military sites, but there are new signs a deal could be reached