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Federal customs agents found a package earlier this month containing the drug boung for the home of an aide to Sen. Thad Cochran
People are already lining up outside of the Supreme Court to listen to the arguments in Tuesday's historic case
Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder discusses his tenure during a farewell address to Justice Department employees.
The outgoing attorney general, a lightning rod for GOP attacks, offers a glowing review of his tenure as the nation's top lawyer
After holding an event with the 2016 candidate, two gay businessmen are becoming boycott targets
Sunglasses were donned, fist bumps were casually exchanged -- no big deal, really
A U.S. drone strike in Pakistan accidentally killed two hostages, including American aid worker Warren Weinstein, and now, Weinstein's wife is slamming the government. Jeff Pegues reports on why she isn't alone in criticizing the administration's approach to hostages.
The White House says it is looking at possible changes in its counterterror operations. It wants to avoid any repeat of the drone attack in Pakistan that killed two hostages, including American Warren Weinstein. President Obama revealed the deaths on Thursday, apologizing to the families of the two victims. David Martin reports from the Pentagon.
Intelligence analysts never detected they were at site of drone strike that killed them
CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues and CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate discuss what recent U.S. drone strike killings of Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto mean for the future of the global war on terror.