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President Obama condemned violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, but said he would work with peaceful protesters who want to see constructive change.
Throughout his presidency, President Obama has willingly shouldered the burden of a nation fractured along racial lines. Now, following the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo., Mr. Obama is being tested once more. Major Garrett reports.
Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for action to identify and isolate the criminal elements who took advantage of Ferguson protests to riot. And, as Bob Orr reports, Holder is also pressing ahead with independent Justice Department investigations stemming from the Brown shooting.
The president said he is ready to work with people who want to solve problems constructively
U.S. troop reduction could be held up by the late signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement
Since first running for office, President Obama has faced numerous unique challenges when it comes to incidents surrounding race
Top White House aides Denis McDonough and Katie Beirne-Fallon have been calling House and Senate negotiators to complain about tax break bill
Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for an after-action review to identify and isolate the criminal elements who rioted in Ferguson
Sen. Chuck Schumer: Where the Obama administration and Democrats went wrong and what they should do differently going into 2016
Speaker John Boehner re-appointed the members of the special committee investigating the 2012 attacks

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