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  1. Dana says:

    Romney was first in line to sign Cut, Cap and Balance. He’s been calling for such peiiclos since his book came out. (See Closer To Home’s eloquent summation on this thread)As CraigS summarized earlier on this thread, and which many of us did so last week as well, the 2012ers don’t need to be popping off on this issue, since it was in constant flux.Romney didn’t support the Boehner Plan last week, he applauded Boehner for holding firm on raising taxes. That is different thing entirely, but some Romnots are to0 obtuse to get that.Nobody likes this bill and even those elected officials who have to vote for it, I doubt really like it. So what do we have?Romney staking out his positions in his book, committing to them by signing the CCB pledge.He issues a supportive statement for not raising taxes in a lousy economy.He’s avoided looking like a fool for commenting on negotiations he didn’t have all the info on.He issued a statement he’s disappointed in the bill, forced on us, because the President failed to lead on the issue.I think he played it straight and perfect. If he injected himeslf anyother way in to the debate it would have backfired on him.

  2. Saftar says:

    First of all, I would like to thank foe and friend alike for their syahmtpies. It turns out that negotiating a funeral date is not any easier than negotiating a budget deal, but that is another story.Yes this is a strange day in deed where I am slightly to the Left of Mr. Romney while being slightly to the Right of Mrs. Palin. To cap it all off MWS is to the left to all of us. And with respect while I know what DanL think of Mr. Romney’s position, I am trying to figure out his.I must confess I am taking pleasure saying Mr. Romney stand up to his wack job supporters. While I have gain a bit of respect for Mr. Romney, I am not ready to vote for him. I will forgive my own Congressman. So that is my effort to compromise and bipartisanship. I will vote for the bottom of the ballot, but not the top. So I am in a bit better mood this week than last.

  3. Aida says:

    Craig, Boehners original bill was only ilhgstly better. What’s bothered me the most is the way the GoP and complicet conservative media has tried to sell us on this garbage….avoid default…does most of what we want it to do…”98% of what we wanted” – thanks John…cuts significant spending, without explaining the details – most cuts supposedly take place years from now, and the plans do not take into account built in baseline budget increases. They aren’t really “cutting spending.”

  4. Surat says:

    This is off the politics jbesuct, but just so folks are aware.Symantec has revealed that a portion of its Norton Anti-Virus source code has been stolen by hackers.Symantec is saying that it is old code but considering the corporate CYA that occurs in this sort of situation, I’d be changing my AV solution if I was using Norton.a0 I’m just sayin’ .IMHO, I think Norton AV stinks anyhow, just as badly as McAfee. But they’re the big boys what do I know.

  5. Surga says:

    Worst political mnoemt of Romney’s career ever. Boehner is the man of the hour for getting the concessions that he did. Romney was mostly absent during this whole fiasco, and now he comes in and arm chair quarter backs. Talk is cheap Mr. Romney. But you weren’t there, and all you have is your empty rhetoric. It is a really awful field of candidates when you are the best we have.

  6. Valdeir says:

    That the post-​​​​debate polls all show tightadenading, albeit to varyading deegers, sugadgests that the Ginadgrich Surge might bea0real.Repubadliadcans seem to like their politadiadcal suiadcide bomber.Newt has an aweadsome taladent at sayading the most ridicuadlous and insanely false things, with such regal conadvicadtion that one expects angels to sing in haradmony behind his lies. It’s fasadciadnatading toa0watch.

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