• Chris Russell at T-Mobile 02-24-18
  1. Fatme says:

    It seems like there aren’t any new things other than maybe noontechnolagy and stem cell research in the next few centuries. Genetically altering the human body and brain into an ultra durable and ultra intelligent species would be nice. We have been dragging these meat sacks around for thousands of years now and are getting nowhere fast.

    1. Magaly says:

      it at a meeting at Bolivar High School where Senator Richard was also a skpeear.)What was even more disturbing at that meeting was Senator Richard saying that most city folks do not realize where various foos stuffs originate. I realize he was catering to the heavily populated agriculture audience, but as a person who grew up in the city, I was insulted.You know what saddens me? As a life long Republican, and a person who has even been seated at a table with Senator Richard and his lovely wife, I am terribly disappointed. Used to believe Senator Richard was a class act. Call me wrong. He really is:a politician who has not done his homework on Missouri’s complex puppy mill problem;willing to poke fun at fellow Missourians in a mean-spirited fashion;not even considering that in the case of SB113, dogs will not have continuous access to water, a vet exam, or solid flooring.Cows, chickens, horses and pigs residing in Senator Parson’s district have better lives.Why does he hate Missouri dogs?

    2. Johnn says:

      My other pet peeve? When you have to hunt high & low to figure out where the ppagotrohher is located at. Sure, we all want to travel around the world to take pictures, but a lot of times someone wants to hire someone local. Make it easy for them to find you!

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