• Chris Russell at T-Mobile 02-24-18
  1. Katia says:

    There is no need to invent a new word. We letsin to music and audiobooks. Webster’s dictionary defines the word letsin: 1. to pay attention to sound, 2. to hear something with thoughtful attention. There is a distinction between hearing and letsining. We hear music in an elevator. It is there, but most of the time we do not attend to it. Listening implies engagement and thought. That’s exactly what we do when we letsin to audio books.

  2. Mahmad says:

    Thank you!!@chgoddess; your post inspired this post…can’t wait to hear the pcodast! link it here if you want, I’d love to share it.

  3. Gamze says:

    Listening: Why it is So Important in Social Media and 3 Easy Ways to Find the Time to Do It | BuzzStream Blog Listening is important and will set you up for ssucecs in your social marketing, if you are in any type of marketing role you must become a good listener because: Reply

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