Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon Patrick writes for 106.7 The Fan after winning a contest to find D.C.’s Best Sports Blogger.

Born and raised in Montgomery County with a passion for sports and a penchant for sarcasm and diction, he found an outlet for his frustration with D.C. sports through blogging.

Like most sports writers, as a young athlete he quickly realized that his ambition far exceeded his talent so he turned his focus to critiquing athletes much more talented than himself. Inheriting the gift of gab from a large Irish family, he will bend your ear on just about any topic if you let him.

Follow him on Twitter @RubGun and email him anything your heart desires at


Nats: Strasburg’s Frustration and Scherzer’s Dominance on Full Display

Stephen Strasburg isn’t hurt. He’s broken on the inside.


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The NFL is inescapable. The Capitals and Wizards are in the playoffs, and the Redskins’ 2015 schedule is STILL THE TOP STORY. So let’s get to it.


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Redskins Mock Draft: What Will Scot Do?

The 2015 NFL Draft begins April 30th. What will GM Scot McCloughan do in his first draft with the Redskins?


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Taking Stock of the Nats Before Opening Day

Balancing the dichotomy of inflated expectations and the inherent fears of D.C. sports fans, let’s take stock of the 2015 Nationals’ key personnel.


Chip Kelly smiles

A Thank You Letter to Chip Kelly from a Redskins Fan

Thank you, Chip Kelly. The Offseason Championship belt has long-deserved a new owner, anyway.


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10 Storylines for the 2015 Washington Nationals

The Hot Stove is dead. Long live real baseball! The biggest storylines as the Washington Nationals enter another season of great expectations.


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20 D.C. Sports Figures Who Deserve a One-Way Trip to Mars

A recent report shows a nonprofit is sending at least 20 people on a one-way trip to Mars. So, which 20 D.C. Sports figures should we send?


Wizards Marcin Gortat and John Wall

Top Five Concerns for the Wizards at the All-Star Break

While an All-Star break record of 33-21 is hardly something to complain about, there are legitimate concerns about the Washington Wizards.