Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon Patrick writes for 106.7 The Fan after winning a contest to find D.C.’s Best Sports Blogger.

Born and raised in Montgomery County with a passion for sports and a penchant for sarcasm and diction, he found an outlet for his frustration with D.C. sports through blogging.

Like most sports writers, as a young athlete he quickly realized that his ambition far exceeded his talent so he turned his focus to critiquing athletes much more talented than himself. Inheriting the gift of gab from a large Irish family, he will bend your ear on just about any topic if you let him.

Follow him on Twitter @RubGun and email him anything your heart desires at


Redskins Mid-Season Report Card: Déjà Vu

The hard truth is, if the Redskins don’t get to six wins, the owner will need a scapegoat. Grading out their first-half performance.



I Hate Roger Goodell’s NFL

I have loved football my entire life but am at my breaking point with Roger Goodell’s NFL.



Redskins Halloween Costumes

106.7 The Fan blogger Patrick Cannon stumbled upon a list of Halloween costume ideas at Redskins Park. Here’s what he learned.



Redskins: 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments of the First 5 Games

In 5 games this season the Redskins have battled, displaying a toughness that had been lacking for the better part of the past decade.



Nationals: Mike Rizzo, Your Clock Is Ticking

Mike Rizzo doesn’t deserve any accolades for firing Matt Williams, Patrick Cannon writes. His clock is ticking, too.



Redskins: Four Areas Gruden Must Improve to Save His Job

Jay Gruden still has a fighter’s chance at keeping his job, and this is how he’s (maybe) going to do it.



Dear Bryce Harper: I’m Sorry, You’re Our Only Hope

I’m sorry, Bryce Harper, but we need you to win a championship and break the vicious cycle in D.C. You’re our only hope.



Daily Fantasy Sports Are Taking Over The World

Breaking down your unreasonable excuses not to play Daily Fantasy Sports.



Choose Your Own Disaster: Redskins Preseason Concussiongate Theories

Conspiracy theories, members of the media trading jabs on Twitter, accusations, name-calling, neurologists, backroom deals, QB controversy, and a fan base that continues to wonder how they will survive 18 more weeks of the soap opera that is the Washington Redskins.



Redskins Close Out Training Camp with a Whimper, Selling Optimism

Have the Redskins finally broken us?



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