Eric Bickel ‘EB’

EBEB is co-host of The Sports Junkies heard weekday mornings from 5-10 a.m on 106.7 The Fan.

EB grew up in Bowie, right across the street from JP. He went to high school at Dematha, where he met Lurch and then graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Psychology.

Eric leads the show’s Entertainment Page and is a die-hard Redskins fan.

You can follow him on twitter: @mrphotogenic

Taking ‘Offense’

Last week, Eric Bickel of the Junkies wrote a response to the ongoing Redskins name controversy, defending Dan Snyder’s right to keep the name. Now, he’s taking on the those offended by the name by offering the notion that people can find a way to be offended by almost anything.


Defending Dan Snyder

As the ongoing debate over the Redskins’ team name continues – and opponents mount and vocalize their outrage over its perceived offensive nature – Eric “EB” Bickel of the Junkies efforts to bring a rational approach in defending name, Dan Snyder, and his rights as the owner.


Bickel’s Blog: Bryce Harper Is Here To Stay

I had no idea if Bryce Harper was as good as advertised before his recent call up to the Washington Nationals last week.


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