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Government Contracting Central offers the government contracting community tips and short articles on a variety of topics related to Federal government contracts, including proposal writing, compliance, capture management, and more. Opportunity Alerts for upcoming procurements are also featured.

All content is provided by AOC Key Solutions, a firm specializing in helping companies win Government contracts through strategy, capture, and proposal services and EZ Gov Opps, a firm providing affordable and efficient market intelligence for government contractors.

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According to many contracting officers, there is no such thing as over communicating when it comes to bidding on a contract. The most successful companies will ask the contracting officer intelligent and thoughtful questions to gain the most information possible about the RFP. Knowing how to prepare questions for the Government for the purpose of soliciting

How To Hire A Great Proposal Consultant

In Government proposals, there are many wonderful professionals with extensive experience. However, there are a few bad apples out there that can damage your firm’s bid, wasting your time and money. In this post, we’ll go over how to avoid a predatory consultant and hire a great one. How to spot predatory consultants Predatory consultants […]
Remember 5th grade English Class? Learning to write essays meant being handed a topic you didn’t like, being given an impossible deadline, being forced to write, edit and revise multiple times, and getting irrational comments from the teacher who clearly hated you. It also meant using the building blocks of every successful document: the “5 Ws” and their […]

Delivering The Perfect Proposal Basket

Spring never fails to remind me of the Easter Bunny and eggs, even though it’s been a long time since I’ve made up an Easter basket of colored eggs. I was thinking that if I wanted to deliver the perfect proposal basket to a government agency in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP), I […]
It Matters: Be Proud Of What You Do We often hear negative representations of Government contractors, and these stories seem to garner alot of media attention. But what about the positive impact these companies have on our larger community? For professionals in the government market, it’s important to know that each day you come to […]

Data Rights Wanted

How Government Contractors Can Protect Their Intellectual Property Rights We sit down with John McCarthy and Jon Baker, attorneys at Crowell & Moring to get their insight on the government’s stepped-up efforts to obtain technical data rights and intellectual property from contractors. It seems like a bargain for taxpayers, but for contractors, not so muc

Kissing The Blarney Stone

Exposing Your Proposal Team’s Facts vs Fiction Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I got to thinking about some of the Irish legends, and the first one that came to mind was the legend of the Blarney Stone.  The Blarney Stone, a block of limestone embedded in Blarney Castle in Ireland, is said to bestow the […]
What is Affiliation? Why is it a problem? If your team runs into Affiliation, what can you do? Affiliation is a potential hidden iceberg for many companies, particularly small businesses when it comes to teaming on large indefinite quantity indefinite delivery (IDIQ) contracts.  We discuss how investigations of Affiliation can arise during the bidding phase
3 Common Misconceptions To Avoid In The Proposal Development Process As a proposal manager who has assisted a number of small businesses to significantly increase their annual revenues through sound proposal management, I would like to pass on some words of wisdom gained through my experience, which your small business may immediately incorporate as “lessons
The most vulnerable point in the business development continuum is the handoff from capture to proposal management. This transfer to the proposal team seems to fail often. But why is that? We see this time after time- the capture team creates a strong, defensible win strategy that by all measures should give the company an […]