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Government Contracting Central offers the government contracting community tips and short articles on a variety of topics related to Federal government contracts, including proposal writing, compliance, capture management, and more. Opportunity Alerts for upcoming procurements are also featured.

All content is provided by AOC Key Solutions, a firm specializing in helping companies win Government contracts through strategy, capture, and proposal services and EZ Gov Opps, a firm providing affordable and efficient market intelligence for government contractors.

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by Ellen Perrine The 2014 holiday season is fast approaching. It seems like only yesterday it was New Year’s Day, 2014! The stores are putting up their holiday displays, and many of us are already planning get-togethers with family and friends, where we will enjoy good food and good cheer. There will be cards to […]
by Dr. Richard Nathan People in our industry are wondering to what extent today’s market conditions represent a “new normal.” And, if not how soon can we expect a return to the “good old days?” If you define normal as a static condition, there is no new normal and there never will be. There will […]

When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

How To Respond to a Bulky Statement of Work by Ellen Perrine It seems that the trend in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) these days is to provide prospective offerors with a voluminous Statement of Work (SOW) or Performance Work Statement (PWS) and then give them minimal page count in which to address it in the […]
I am on a mini-mission to prove a point. Despite the naysayers and skeptics, I truly believe that each one of us has the capacity to change the world. Having an impact isn’t reserved for those who have special birthrights like nobility or celebrity status. You don’t have to have money, or a title, or […]

3 Reasons The Government Likes Orals

The government’s use of orals as part of the procurement process rises and falls like the waves in the ocean depending on the prevailing philosophy at the moment. Typically the slate of Key Personnel sounds a collective groan when they see the requirement, because orals make mandatory one of our greatest fears: making a fool […]

Leadership Tip: Top 3 Myths On Time Management

Successfully managing your time results in accomplishing what is most important to you. When you don’t accomplish what you want, you may feel unfocused, disorganized, and frustrated. Many people try a variety of time management techniques, without much success. This often happens because they didn’t identify the goals most important to them or use appropriat
Think again. We are often asked, sometimes too late, if the incumbent program manager should be assigned as the Capture and/or Proposal Manager for the recompete. I cannot emphasize my answer too strongly: No, No, No, and NO again. Capture Manager and Proposal Manager hats generally do not fit Program Managers and there are a […]

Leadership Tip: Getting What You Want

Each moment we have the opportunity to create the life we want. Many of us put our lives and goals on hold, believing certain things must happen first. For instance, “I’ll feel secure once I get a higher paying position.” Or, “I’ll start going to the gym after this project is over and I have […]

4 Tips to Navigating Contractor Teaming Agreements

The growing trend of IDIQs has put more pressure on companies to team. How can you evaluate whether a potential teammate will be useful and what are common red flags to look out for? In this episode, we also weigh in on how to hire the right amount of proposal talent and what makes successful […]
Like it or not, as a Proposal Manager your attitude is infectious. For better or worse, you set the tone that others see and internalize. Your attitude as Proposal Manager determines whether you lead or detract, motivate or dissipate, build up or tear down, energize or deaden your team and its efforts. Make your attitude […]

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